“Laughter is brightest where food is the best.”

Loaded Nacho Tower…12

Nacho cheese, crisp lettuce, organic tomatoes, black olives & red onions
+ Chicken…5
+ Ground Beef…5
+ Guacamole…3


Fresh skins filled with grilled chicken, smoked bacon, cheddar cheese & bbq sauce

Homemade Spinach & Artichoke Cheese Dip…10

Served with fresh corn tortilla chips & salsa

classic Soft Pretzel Sticks…8

Served with a side of homemade beer cheese

Fried Calamari…13

Flash-fried calamari served with banana peppers & homemade marinara sauce

beer-battered mac & cheese nuggets…11

Served with homemade marinara sauce

homemade tennessee buffalo chicken dip…10

Served with fresh corn tortilla chips & garlic toast

homemade 420 ipa buffalo chicken dip…11

Served with fresh corn tortilla chips & garlic toast

st pat’s steak quesadilla…11

Filled with shaved ribeye, cheese, onions, peppers & jalapenos

st. pat’s Pub Pint of Bacon…9

Thick cut candied bacon served in a pint glass with Guinness onion rings

beer-battered onion rings…9

Guinness-spiked onion rings served with a side of sriracha ranch

Chicken Quesadilla…10

Filled with cheese, bacon & tequila-marinated chicken

homemade meatballs with fresh ricotta…12

Served with homemade marinara sauce, mozzarella cheese & garlic toast

grilled shrimp skewers…9

Char-grilled shrimp skewers served with garlic toast

mozzarella sticks…9

6 mozzarella sticks served with homemade marinara sauce

chicken tenders…10

Served with honey mustard dipping sauce

sampler platter…15

Chicken wings, mozzarella sticks, beer-battered onion rings & chicken tenders

Chips & Guacamole…6
chips & salsa…6


Fried or grilled. Choice of sauce: mild, medium, hot, fire, classic bbq, lemon-pepper,
or teriyaki. Includes bleu cheese, celery, & carrots.

5 Wing Platter…11
10 Wing Platter…16
20 Wing Platter…25

ADD ONS (subject to additional charge): Garlic, All Flats, All Drums, Split, Extra & Carrots with Bleu Cheese


Chopped Salad…11

Crisp Romaine & mixed greens with organic tomatoes, organic red onion, black olives, bleu cheese crumbles, avocado & a poached egg

classic Ceasar Salad…11

Crisp Romaine lettuce with croutons & shaved parmesan cheese

House Mixed Greens…9

Spring mix, organic tomatoes, carrots & croutons

greek salad…13

Crisp Romaine lettuce & mixed greens with Kalamata olives, organic red onions, feta cheese & homemade Greek dressing

Add ons:

Grilled chicken…5
Beef filet tip skewer…9
Ahi tuna…9
Grilled salmon…13
Shrimp skewer…9

Irish Favorites

bangers & Mash…13

Grilled Irish sausage served on a bed of homemade mashed potatoes with sauerkraut & brown gravy

Fish & Chips…14

Hand-battered & fried cod fillets served on a bed of french fries accompanied by tartar sauce, malt vinegar & coleslaw

homemade shepherd’s pie…15

Ground sirloin, carrots, onions, celery & peas covered with homemade mashed potatoes


ahi tuna…17

Flash-seared, sesame seed-crusted Ahi tuna, served over a bed of mixed greens with fresh avocado, accompanied by pickled ginger & wasabi

Grilled salmon…20

Grilled salmon topped with garlic & lemon juice. Served with your choice of 2 sides

chicken tenders platter…12

St. Pat’s chicken tenders served with your choice of side

surf & turf skewers…17

1 prime filet tip skewer and 1 grilled shrimp skewer. Served with garlic toast and your choice of side


1/2lb. Cheeseburger…13

Ground custom blend angus grilled to perfection and topped with your choice of cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion & pickles on a Kaiser roll

Bleu cheese Burger…14

1/2lb. ground custom blend angus topped with melted bleu cheese crumbles, sautéed onions & mushrooms. Served with lettuce, tomato, red onion & pickles on a Kaiser roll

BBQ Bacon Burger…15

1/2lb. ground custom blend angus topped with cheddar cheese, onions rings, bacon & classic BBQ sauce. Served with lettuce, tomato, red onion & pickles on a Kaiser roll

Philly Cheesesteak…16

Shaved ribeye topped with onions, mushrooms, peppers & your choice of cheese. Served on a toasted baguette

Taco Platter…11

Choice of shaved ribeye, chicken, or fish. Served on a soft flour tortilla with cheese, lettuce, tomato, cilantro & onion

French Dip…16

Shaved ribeye covered with provolone cheese. Served on a toasted baguette & with au jus

Classic BLT…12

6 strips of crispy bacon with lettuce & tomato, served on fresh-baked Texas toast

Grilled chicken Sandwich…14

Fresh-grilled chicken breast on a toasted Kaiser bun. Served with lettuce, tomato, red onion & pickles

Chicken Ceasar Wrap…12

Fresh-grilled chicken with Romaine lettuce, shaved parmesan cheese & Caesar dressing. Wrapped in a flour tortilla

Long island Grilled Cheese…11

Cheddar & American cheese, serviced with sliced tomato & bacon on fresh-baked Texas toast

Homemade meatball sub…14

Homemade meatballs on a toasted baguette, covered with homemade marinara sauce & mozzarella cheeses


chicken & broccoli alfredo…16

Penne pasta tossed with homemade Alfredo sauce, topped with fresh sautéed broccoli & fresh-grilled chicken

penne ala vodka…16

Penne pasta tossed with homemade Vodka sauce. Topped with fresh-grilled chicken & spring peas

Spaghetti & meatballs…16

Homemade meatballs over a bed of spaghetti. Covered with homemade marinara sauce & fresh-grated parmesan cheese


Regular Crispy Fries…5
Loaded Baked Potato…6
organic Broccoli with Beer Cheese…6
Sweet Fries…5
Loaded Fries…6
homemade Mashed Potatoes…6
fresh organic asparagus…6
Side salad…6


Molten Chocolate lava cake…10

Served with Vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce, caramel sauce, whipped cream and mint

Key lime pie…10

Served with whipped cream & a slice of lime

St. Pat’s ice cream sundae…9

Two scoops of Vanilla ice cream topped with chocolate & caramel sauce, whipped cream, & a cherry

NY Style Cheesecake…9

A slice served with whipped cream & your choice or chocolate or caramel sauce